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Musical Rainbow - Your Little Dove
Musical Rainbow - Your Little Dove

Musical Rainbow

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Color, form, tone

Rainbows are our breathtaking reward for surviving the violent storm. Rainbows represent hope and promise, it's what fills our hearts for our little doves. Birds fly over the rainbow, and your little dove can too.

Nine arch-shaped rainbow elements made of layered maple wood are both play objects and acoustic bodies. Brilliant rainbow colors and the high-quality crafted wood make Rainbow a play and artistic object of great hap-tic quality. Balance the elements with virtuosity, which is quite easy, there is much to discover. The luminescence and simplicity of the arches inspire to continually want to discover new combinations of color and tone, and the ball rolls round the rainbow run.

Note: Rainbow does not come with a ball in the United States and Canada.

Dimensions: 11x 7 x 2 in

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