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Moon Wooden Teething Rattle - Your Little Dove

Moon Wooden Teething Rattle

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When the sun goes down, the moon rises. Moonlight brightens the nighttime sky for your little dove. From the first days of life, a baby’s heart absorbs the rhythm of their mother's beating heart, the melody of a quiet lullaby, setting the perfect tone for the musical sound of their first rattle.

In many cultures, it is believed that the noise of rattles chases away malign forces, protecting the baby at day and night. That is why the tradition of putting a child to bed with its favourite toy still exists today. The rattle makes a positive impact on children’s mental, emotional, and physical development, as well as improves fine motor skills and concentration.

This hand carved wooden teething rattle is an original and traditional Russian design by a Russian toymaker who's top priorities include your little dove's safety, integrity, and producing toys of the highest quality with simplistic designs.

Made of natural organic wood overlaid with a mixture of beeswax and flaxseed oiled  stuffed with seeds of buckwheat, then polished by hand.

Measures 3.25x3.25x.65"