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LILLA DU Gentle Wash Concentrate - Your Little Dove

LILLA DU Gentle Wash Concentrate

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In Swedish, LILLA DU means “little one". 

LILLA DU is a handcrafted, organic gentle yet moisturizing concentrated wash developed for the most sensitive of skin. This wash concentrate is perfect for the newest of babies and is ideal for cleaning delicate and tender areas postpartum. Dilute and use with cloth wipes while cloth diapering, use in the bath, or add to a peri bottle full of soothing warm water. 

Made with calendula and chamomile infused grapeseed oil, olive oil castile, maple syrup, lavender hydrosol and Sloane Marley's proprietary pomace blend, softening wash is also perfect in a pinch to wash your face making it an easy addition to a diaper bag or carry on bag.  

Use and Details: 

Use a small amount straight from the dropper combined with warm water to wash baby, or use as needed in dilution for wipes and peri bottles.  We typically like a 1:4 dilution (1 part LILLA DU to 4 parts warm water) but it can also be used at full strength safely.  

Full size - 2 oz


Calendula and chamomile infused grapeseed oil, olive oil castile, 100% pure maple syrup, lavender hydrosol, wine pomace blend, vegetable glycerin, and pure aloe.