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Grapat Free Play Box - Local Customers Only
Grapat Free Play Box - Local Customers Only

Grapat Free Play Box - Local Customers Only

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This box helps to create an isolated and enclosed area which improves focus and respect towards the action within it. A child’s game needs a container, an area which holds the action and that allows for the children to know their limits and understand space.
What happens in the Free Play Box? Inside the box, the elements are placed within certain limits that give security to the children. The box becomes a sensorial game when it’s filled up with sand, flour, salt, rice, etc.
In the background, there are some stamped images which evoke the four classical elements: earth, water, air and fire. These elements are part of our species and make us connect with nature. The allegory to these elements can also be used as a game space or as an invitation to organize and classify.
A great play area for the Grapat Nins, mandala pieces, and an infinite variety of other toys and games!

Product Code: CGR16135
Made In: Spain
Product Size: Box 45x65x7 cm
Age: 3 years +
Safety: Manufactured according to the stringent European toy safety directive EN71

For care or cleaning of the parts, wipe with a damp cloth and dry immediately.

    This set is limited to one per customer.