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Cashmere + Lavender Acorn Sachets
Cashmere + Lavender Acorn Sachets

Cashmere + Lavender Acorn Sachets

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Keep the South of France in your little dove's closet, drawers, or bedding when not in use. Lavender Sachets have been used for centuries as a gentle and safe method to keep insects away while adding a soft and subtle scent of soothing lavender to your favorite fabrics. Slip the pouch full of cashmere acorn sachets into your little dove's pillow case or Wool Wrap when not in use for a soothing aromatic experience with promise to relax and lull your little dove off to dreamland.

Six up-cycled cashmere sacks filled with organic dried French Lavender with foraged acorn tops  come secured in a beautiful linen pouch makes a thoughtful and beautiful baby shower gift.

Disclaimer: This is not a toy. Not intended for use by children of any age without adult supervision.