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Transcendental Winter - A Lali Kids Collection

Written for Your Little Dove by Tanu Srinivasan 

“We can never have enough of nature.”


So wrote Henry David Thoreau in his preeminent work, Walden, which served as the inspiration behind the inimitable Lali Kids and the brand’s FW 21 collection “Transcendental Winter.”  While the collection was shot in the Pacific Northwest, the designs and color palette evoke images of a peaceful New England fall.  Earthy flowers and luscious berries, embodied in the collection’s Biddy and Winterberry prints, respectively, are all very reminiscent of an autumn afternoon strolling around Walden Pond.


The collection will be launched in two parts - part one, which consists of several dresses, a fall version of the popular Sunflower Top, and a reversible jacket, launches this Wednesday, August 18th.  Part two, which will launch next month, consists of knits (including the ever popular alpaca sweater vests, which sold out last fall), another reversible jacket, and two highly anticipated braced skirts (the Cyprus skirt). 


Those who are new to Lali Kids are in for a treat especially with this latest and inspired collection. In the spirit of true “slow fashion,” the founder and designer, Kinnari McDevitt, designs her collections by hand almost a year before the collection launches.  From there, she works in tandem with her growing team of artisans who create an edited collection of hand woven, hand embroidered, and hand blocked pieces for young children. Careful attention is paid to the particular fabrics used in each piece.  Clothing is always designed with the child in mind and the utmost importance is given to the comfort of a piece - function over form.  However, for Lali Kids, both options mutually coexist.  Pieces are durable yet comfortable. Practical yet stylish. Trendy yet timeless. 


The term “heirloom piece” is often cited in the context of slow fashion.  A true heirloom piece, however, is one that is treasured - for instance by a child over several seasons, or perhaps passed down from one generation to another.  So many of this season’s pieces fit the bill - from the Cyprus suspender skirts to the reversible quilted jackets.  The braced nature of the skirt allows a child to grow with the skirt so that it can be worn for several seasons.  The duality of the reversible jacket allows for a range of unisex styling possibilities from fall to early spring. 


Your Little Dove will carry a tightly edited selection of pieces from both drops: the sunflower tops in two colorways, the Cyprus skirt in both options, and the reversible jacket from drop two.  These pieces will all be launched in store so local customers can shop from both drops prior to the online launch.  However, be quick - the stand-out reversible jacket and the buzzed about Cyprus skirts are expected to sell quickly.  And Lali Kids only produces enough for its collection so restocks are unlikely.  


Mixing and matching pieces from this collection is highly encouraged and aligns with one of my key tenets for styling: do not be afraid to mix two patterns as long as they tell a cohesive color story.  My other tenet is to never underestimate the power of a good blouse - the fall sunflower tops pair perfectly with the drop two trousers as well as the Cyprus skirts, but can also match pieces in a child’s existing wardrobe.


Lali Kids FW 21 launches today, August 18th.


About The Author:

Tanu is an attorney by day and a full-time mom to her three stars (Bianca, Leo, and Kai) by day and night.  Her interest include sustainable fashion, travel, fine dining, and trying to make her husband laugh at her jokes.