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Free Activities to Keep Your Little Dove Busy + Engaged

These times are tough. It can be so difficult to find new ways to encourage and stimulate creativity in your little dove while being cooped up at home. We're all navigating this uncharted territory together and at Your Little Dove we want to extend some free and fun ideas to try from the comfort of your home. 
 IMPORTANT: Direct adult supervision is required with each of these activities.

Stimulate the Vestibular System

  • Teach your toddler how to walk backwards.
  • Spin around in circle 5 times. Teach calibration by spinning in the opposite direction for the same amount of times. Increase the number of times you spin in a circle accordingly.
  • Sit on the floor across the room from your toddler with your legs tucked to your chest. Roll back and forth!
  • Create a line on the floor with masking tape. Have your toddler walk on the line, jump up and down on the line, and walk while holding a pillow on top of their head!

Become an Innovator (fine motor skills)

  • Use cookie cutters as stencils and trace on paper. Cut them out and have your toddler tape them in the window to provide a bit of joy to passers by!
  • Give your toddler some large tubular pasta (penne, cannelloni, manicotti, paccheri, etc.) and a shoelace. Show them how to thread the shoelace through the pasta to create a fun necklace or wall bunting!
  • Build your own marble run! Rig up an obstacle course and balls away! Have a race to see which color or size marble will clock in the fastest time. Make guesses (hypothesize) and record times in a notebook!

Download the Instructions for Your Own Marble Run

Learn to Identify Emotions 

  • Emotions... we're going through a lot of them now. Talk about it with your toddlers, it helps them to understand and deal with it better.  Use these cards as a conversation starter and as an educational tool for emotional identification and regulation!

Download the Make a Face Flashcards 

Create a New Routine

  • Having a good routine helps toddlers feel grounded and safer - it helps us when working at home too! Use these cards from our friends at Moon Picnic to plan a daily routine together.

Download the Toddler Planner

Download the Toddler Routine Flashcards

 Stimulate the Senses

  • Tape a piece of bubble wrap with the bubbles facing up onto a flat surface. Give your child some non-toxic finger-paints to paint the bubbles or simply let them have a blast popping the bubbles.
  • Have your toddler wash their hands and help you prepare a package of pudding. Pour a small amount onto a baking sheet and let your toddler finger-paint! Then, enjoy the remaining pudding for dessert!
  • Put three different items into three separate pillow cases. Have your child stick their hands in each pillow case to guess what the item inside is. 


Thanks to our friends at Moon Picnic and Fanny + Alexander for these fun downloads!

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